January 16, 2016

SOC Music: I Still Have A Dream

In honor of the 2016 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., it’s been on my heart to drop a track about the undeniable unfairness and inequality that has been evident for the black community. This pays homage to that fact with powerful excerpts from various Dr. King speeches. In the end, it’s the love of God that reconciles all and is the giver of peace.

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January 16, 2016

SOC Music: Get Low

A new track just for the website and soundcloud followers. The message is quite simple: it’s all about getting low. Why? God opposed proud but gives grace to the humble. Something I’ve certainly had to continue to keep on my heart.

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December 18, 2015

IREF: Serving Christmas Dinner

It was a privilege to serve the residents at Indiana’s Re-Entry Facility this past December 27. This is a special government program for those who have been incarcerated for long terms and are nearing re-entry into the community.
Some brothers and sisters from ministries around the city – as organized by Mount Pleasant Church – come to serve dinner and sing carols, and play some biblical Christmas trivia with the residents. It’s become an annual event they have come to love. Some residents mentioned it was their first BBQ chicken they’ve had for nearly a decade.

I was asked to share a song – and couldn’t say no. It was indeed a blessing to be able to be part. I had the orivilege of sharing praise and worship the previous September. 

There is a service at the on campus chapel every fourth Sunday. There is also a mentorship program for which they are always looking for volunteers. We will definitely be back to do it again if given the opportunity. 

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November 29, 2015

SOC Video: Introducing Minister Carvell

You’ve certainly heard him before, but the holidays provided us an opportunity for the duo to connect in Detroit, Michigan. This is the first of what will be a strong ministry through music. This talented and gifted brother in Christ has not only a message, but a story to tell that I can’t wait to partner with here in the very near future.

Carvell’s Twitter: http://twitter.com/ministercarvell
Carvell’s Website: http://ministercarvellimc.com

If you haven’t had a chance to check out their most recent track … have a listen below:

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November 26, 2015

SALE: The Entire SOC Discography

Download the SOC Bundle at Bandcamp.com

For the first time (and for a limited time), you can have access to the entire SOC discography for less than $5. You’ll receive not only each release to date, but also the corresponding artwork. It’s just our way of saying thanks for all those who have supported the cause and the spreading of the Truth. Already have the catalog? It could be a great gift idea as well. The digital download is available courtesy of socmusic.bandcamp.com

SOC Bandcamp Discography Screenshot

Digital Bundle includes the following releases:

  • Right Here, Right Now
  • Get the Picture
  • The Narrow Road: 1st Journey
  • The Narrow Road
  • Rebirth of SOC
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    November 22, 2015

    Our New Bundle of Joy


    I know it’s been a minute since I’ve been on the blog lately – but I promise for good reason. And thanks to all those who continue to follow and shout via social media. We have a new addition to the family, and are so grateful for her. I’m also excited to say there there’s so much going on in the lab right now it’s just a matter of time for a new release to hit – so looking very forward to that! I’d be remiss however not to give God glory for finding me fit to help raise a new baby girl.

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    November 21, 2015

    LIFE – An SOC Film

    I was looking through a few videos and ran back across this one – a prelude to “The Narrow Road: 1st Journey” as I was preparing for an upcoming show (Get at SWBC Sunday, November 28th!). As crazy as things have been recently around the world, it’s critically important each of us have a look at what this life is truly all about … glorifying God through how we live – our walk is indeed our worship. We do this for eternity … and not for the here and now. If you have a watch, you might just listen as each of the tracks from the entire record are buried somewhere within the narrative.

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    October 29, 2015

    SOC Video: Lip Service

    Nothing like an impromptu recording of a record in progress on a nice fall day. My son wanted to shoot a quick video so we thought we’d take advantage of the evening and filmed a record in progress entitled “Lip Service.” It focuses on a lesson we all can work to improve – walking the talk; and beyond that, letting our walk do the talking for us. Our lifestyle is an act of worship. So the question is, what is each of our walks saying?

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    August 12, 2015

    SOC on Apple Music


    With the recent launch of Apple Music – SOC couldn’t help but get in the mix. As this digital venue evolves, SOC will certainly be providing more content over time. Just working out the kinks. To be sure, all the content is still available on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.

    In the meantime, be sure to follow SOC on Apple Music!

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    April 23, 2015

    Music: Right Here, Right Now (feat. Marlon Van)

    Definitely excited about this new release from my brother Marlon Van (Twitter: @MarlonVan) from Johannesburg, South Africa!

    It’s available on iTunes here!

    Track Details:

    “This track is an amazing and unprecedented collaboration between two artists from literally across the world. As only providence would have it, SOC met with Marlon Van while both were on independent assignments touring England. SOC, from Indianapolis, Indiana in the US, and Marlon from Johannesburg, South Africa – joined together first collaborating in concert. Now, the two have collaborated on multiple international singles for each other’s projects (SOC: The Narrow Road, The Narrow Road – 1st Journey, Get the Picture; Marlon: Light Up My World).”

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