January 29, 2013

Interview at Bridge Chapel

I was privileged to perform at Bridge Chapel, a church in the town of Allerton in Liverpool, England. This church definitely brings the Word, and I was humbled to see so many young people (and not so young people) in the crowd on a Saturday night!  The event was entitled “Refresh,” and I was asked to perform a few songs and bring a message on 2013.  Before the performances, Pastor Rob Whiteway.

(@RobWhiteway) interviewed me to try and get to the core of what SOC is all about.

Bridge Worship 190113_067

Bridge Worship 190113_068

Bridge Worship 190113_052

Excerpts from the concert are available here.  Big shout to the homie Mark McKinney for the connect. It was a pleasure to listen to their worship team and meet a whole new group of great people.  I’m definitely looking forward to the next time we visit Bridge.

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